Keyboard not responding to boot menu?

Hi everyone! I have a problem where, when I choose my OS on the bootmenu, my keyboard doesn't respond when I use the cursor keys to select the OS - though sometimes if I hit the CTRL key and then use the cursor keys it does. Would it have something to do with my keybaord controller being faulty and/or not liking my motherboard? I have an Asus CUSL2 motherboard and a basic keyboard (does have the power management keys ie. Power, sleep, and Wakeup). When I restart the machine I have to wait for the countdown on the boot-menu, if I hit enter to continue with the selected OS, the countdown stops and the boot menu is frozen (I can't use cursor keys) again if I hit ctrl sometime it unfreezes. And about 1/2 time I wind up going into safe-mode when I do manage to start the OS of my choice.. strange.

Ideas anyone?
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  1. is it a usb keyboard?

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  2. I have that board. Have you installed the latest BIOS?

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  3. Ok, I will try updating BIOS and see if that helps (I'll know if it does after rebooting a few times just to make sure it isn't freezing). Oh and sorry, I forgot to mention that my keyboard is PS/2. Thanks guys :)
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