Explorer.exe: Can I have a diff default shell?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the default shell (explorer.exe) to something else (example; one of my other custom shells like magellan.exe) when windows starts up. I run mostly NT4 & 2K & after much digging can't seem to find where to change this.



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  1. Not sure if this holds true for NT/2k, but works for windows9x, edit the system.ini file and find [boot] (normally near the start), you will see shell=Explorer.exe , change this line to shell=whatever.exe and should work, a lot of systems I've worked on (Compaq rings a bell), have probs and need the opposite doing, i.e. the line changing back to explorer. As I said, may not work on nt/2k, I cant say as I've never tried.

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  2. You can use ShellOn to change your default shell. Check information here:

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