nV 7600GT and World of Warcraft - freezes/hardlocks problem


I just replaced my somewhat "lite" version of X800GTO card from Sapphire with 7600GT from Club3D. I have to say that I play (almost) only in World of Warcraft due to lack of time for another things... And it appeared that the game is totally unplayable - it freezes after a few seconds or (at best) a few minutes of play.

First of all I checked all usual problems - overheating, drivers, DirectX fresh copy of OS and so on - but nothing helped. Then I downloaded a few demos of latest high-end games like Tomb Raider, Rise of Legends or some NFS (also a few hours 3DMark06 stress run)... everything runs just fine, with all bells and whistles enabled. Then I started to read some forums. Seems that many people report similar problem with systems equipped with nVidia cards, nForce4 mobos, AMD64 (especially X2) CPUs and AND with 8x.xx ForceWare driver series. With older models it's possible to roll back to some older driver version, like 78.01 which is said to be free of that bug. Later on I found out that I can run WoW in OpenGL mode (with -opengl in commandline), but the performance is... errm... CRAPPY, not to mention lack of a lot of special effects.

The questions are: is that possible to run 7600GT on older drivers, without native support of that card? I tried to force installation and swap core driver files, but no luck (display problems and so on...). And maybe - do anyone got 7600GT and can succesfully play WoW?

my rig:
AMD64 3000+ (Venice)
K8N Neo4-F
2GB RAM in 4x 512MB modules
AudioTrak 7.1LT
Club 3D 7600GT
Chieftec 360W PSU

thanks a lot
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  1. I have a 7600 GS and 512 ram and it also freezes sometimes and gets stuck but I think it's more because of the card and/or ram.
  2. I had the same problem with 6600GT, and it disappeared after I replace the graphic driver. I think it's mostly caused by driver bug.
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