I need some advice on school project..can anyone help?

I am doing a project for school which involves setting up a large church with a computer system. I must do it from the hardware up,the church already has a server. Can anyone tell my what I will need and why? It will be running on a Windows XP professional OS. I already have the software figured out but I need help with the hardware. I'm just returning to school at the of 47 and I'm having trouble understanding the whats and whys of building a comp...Can anyone help me please????
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  1. 1.) why does the church have a server if it doesnt have any computers?
    2.) what is the use of this computer your adding? Will it be within cable reach? or do you need to go wireless?
    3.) Security security security? What do you need?
    4.) What OS is the server?
    5.) How much you spending or how much cash do you have?

    --> Exact details needed to respond to your request, but im happy to help.
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