SATA2 DiamondMax backwards compatability with a7n8x nforce2?

I know SATA2 in theory should be backwards compatible with SATA1, and I've heard about nforce 4 chipsets having problems with these SATA2 drives. I was wondering:

I'm considering this drive: as it's SATA1 version is out of stock near me.

1. Will this work with my motherbaord (asus a7n8x deluxe2 nforce2)and deliver SATA 150 performance?
2. Have you guys heard or come across and incompatiablity issues?

Surprisingly, this is cheaper than its SATA1 counterpart, and I'd prefer to go for it in terms of futureproofing.

Thanks for the input,
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  1. The drive will work with sata1 will just have to switch jumpers on the drve that will put it in sata1 mode. the instructions on the drive will tell you how to set the jumpers.
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