Win 7 wont install on biostar

Hello, I am getting the message reguired cd\dvd driver needed. you can remove install and insert disc containing driver.
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  1. A required CD/DVD drive device driver is needed, if you have a Floppy disk, CD, DVD or flash drop with the driver, please insert it now. Note if the windows installation media is in the drive you may remove it for this step.

    I have placed the driver for this device and it does not recognize is as a compatible driver. I am installing on a newly built device using the OEM version of Windows 7, 4 gig ddr3, biostar a780l3g mobo, amd phenom II 3.2 ghz true dual-core
  2. If you have access to another dvd player, just try that, you shouldn't need to install a dvd driver
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