Recomendations for Round Cables?

Any recommendations out there for Round Cables? Looking to get Hard Drive (SATA) and Floppy, 2 Optical Drives as well.. Something that is UV reactant as well
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  1. Do they make round SATA cables?
    Mine are flat, sleeves make it look round, supose.
  2. I believe Thermaletake does at least... The EL Series?

    Havent done anything with Round Cables yet so unsure..

    I dont quite get how the UV cables wortk either.. the UV light is purple.. so does that mean the UV Sensitive cables will be purple or.. the UV color of.. like.. Blue or Yellow?
  3. Yeah I have half a dozen of those... IDE round cables...
  4. I got ya beat, my temp floppy cable was flat, but I folded it round and scotch taped it round... l337!
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