Internet Connection Problem: WILL NOT CONNECT

OK, read like 20 other threads on here and on the web. Here is the situation:

I built a new HTPC this week. OS is Windows7 64-Bit. Hooked everything up, got it running and even connected to internet and downloaded a few items. (Adobe Flash/Silverlight/Microsoft Essentials/MediaBrowser)

I came back tonight to try to finish the setup on my HTPC, NO Internet.

My current setup is I have a Time Warner modem connected to a router, my HTPC and the PC I am typing on are both currently HARD wired to the router. Of course the PC I am on now is fine.

The HTPC says I am connected to the internet, but when I open a page it does nothing, just waiting on page to respond but green bar just continues to show......HELP....!

So far I have tried disabling and enabling the adapter, reset router and modem, did a system restore and no luck at all.
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  1. couple hours later, its Microsoft Essentials program. In the settings tab, I unchecked the "Turn on real-time protection) which turned everything else off.

    Assuming now I do not have any kind of protection? Suggestions on this now?
  2. further update just in case anyone else is having this problem, I re-activated Micro-Ess but with "Network Inspection System" my internet is working smoothly.......5 hours later what a PITA.....!
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