Abit AB9 Standard/ Pentium 4 631

Hello all. For sale is a Pentium 4 631 (Cedar Mill) and an Abit AB9. The Pentium 4 was a cpu that was with me until I was able to get my E6300 and I have upgraded to a AW9D-max. This is a powerful combo, and I have gotten some pretty impressive overclocks. With 1GB patriot xbl, I was able so achieve stablility at 4.7GHz. I will also include a CPU-Z verified statement of such. I have had a waterblock on the northbridge and if you need me to, I will re-attach it. There is no physical damage whatsoever and it has the latest BIOS. Both will come in retail boxes and the HSF that came with the cpu will also be included. Asking price for both is $200 and shipping can be discussed. (copy and paste)

If you want pictures I will be more than happy to send some.
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  1. i can give u 81$ for da mobo bcoz i already have 631
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