Hardest Hosts File Problem Ive Ever seen Read. Who knows

Im experienced im going to run this through quick

Theres problem with being able to go to google and such it redirects and thats because of the hosts file

I cant modify the hosts file because it says access denied

I cant see the hosts file in the explorer directory even though I am the ADMIN and have SHOW hidden files ON

The read only seems to be stuck although its hard to right click a file to remove it if you can't see it, solutions tried to fix it

Becoming parents and security advanced giving myself ownership of the Directory (still cant see file and no luck changing it)

going to admin run as CMD.exe to directory attrib -r -h hosts no go either

Trying running NOTEPAD as admin and going to file to attempt to change cant do

I did have SPYBOT and SUPER ANTI SPYWARE on, and I found out they lock the hosts file, I tried to remove the ticks and check marks but they wouldnt stick.

So I uninstalled both programs and they are no longer on the machine

There is no other virus or protection software

The firewall is disabled.

And finally I need to do this remotely for someone, so I dont have the ability to do a safe mode , console or anything, there must be a way. What am I missing guys
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  1. Are you talking about the file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts)? You have to unchecked (hide protected operating system files) in folder and search options. I can confirm that spybot is not the problem. I also have spybot and can access the host file.
  2. Talk the remote user through the process of starting in Safe Mode and editing the hosts file.

    (This assumes that you have their permission to modify the computer.)
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    Download and extract this host file from MVPS.ORG, I use these all the time.

    Once extracted, right-click and run batch file as admin, for it to replace your corrupt hosts file.

    This host file will block connection to a large number of malware and advert websites, but should allow you normal access to web sites.
  4. If there is an issue with re-direction, just editing the hosts file may not fix things as whatever is on the system will just re-enable things. Did you clean it out? I find that Malwarebytes does the best job of things.
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