Issue with Windows 7 Gadgets

For some unexpected reason, my Windows 7 gadgets (Weather, GMail, etc) can no longer connect to the internet and update themselves. I have added both sidebar exe files (C : \Program Files and C : \Program Files x86) to the Windows Firewall Exceptions list. What could be causing this? Thanks for any help.

I also just realized that my Windows Update is not working as well, so that may be a related issue.
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  1. is the time on your computer set right!
  2. that caused the issue in my rig!
  3. Yes, the time is set correctly. Everything is working fine, it's just an issue with Windows connecting to the internet. The internet itself is fine as well, just update and gadgets cannot connect.
  4. What kind of network are you using? FiOS, cable, DSL, satellite? Are you using a home wireless router?
  5. I SUSPECT that the gadgets probably rely on Internet Explorer to get their settings for the internet connection. have you messed with IE? Is IE working properly?

    This may also affect windows update.

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