Help! Poor perfomance with SATA 2 drive.


I just install a new WD 250 S-ata 2 drive but when i try to copy 2 things at the same time... i get like 0.3kb/s transfer. However when i copy only one thing i get 60mb/s. Windows reinstall have not fix this. It is the only S-ata drive (no Raid or anything).. I have cd-rw & dvd-rw as p-ata drives. Motherboard is A8N32 SLI Deluxe. With the previous S-ata 1 generation drive all was working perfectly.
Why this drive perform so badly and how to fix it? It pass al the tests of the diagnostic sofware from WD site (so i can`t ask for replacement)!

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  1. Well i use Total Commander - start copying a movie file and then backgrounding it and start copying another movie file.
    Then in device manager at "Nvidia Nforce4 Serial ATA Controller" i have an test that looks like this when i have 2 (or more) files in copy/move operations. When is only one file i have ~60Mb/s in that test.
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