Hello guys
Hey buld me up a gaming system with U$1500,00. Dont worry about the monitor cause ima buy it after this (17in LCD). I was wondering somethin like a X1900XT512 and an opteron. Well gimme a low price dual opteron and a nice cooler (not watercooler) for a little OC on it. Is it ard to configure and opteron S939 on a regula MB like The Neo Platinum from MSI?
Btw please give me the links (usually at cause im ordering from the internet for a guy to get em for me (im from Brazil). I CANNOT GO ANY FURTHE4R FROM U$1500,00 OK? And dont forget the power supply and case (i kinda like the black x-blade)
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  1. I mean no disrespect when I say this... but it sounds like you already know what you want. Things like cases and CPU cooling are entirely based on preferences and those are the types of things you should pick out yourself. Once you've got a list for your system... run it by the forum and I'm sure people will be happy to point out any goofs.

    Good luck with your build!
  2. rodney is right. Looks like you know what you want and what you want is pretty good. Case is up to you but I would get a cooler on that x1900xt because I heard it runs pretty hot
  3. Sorry about that topic Rodney. I just went lazy cause i got tired of lookign for the right config. And thank you. By now i realized i already know that i know what i want lol. I just want to know now how to OC an opteron and if it does fit in any S939 MB. I`ve only OCed my Video card once, but never a CPU. I was wondering how hard could it be. I think ima try a new topic on CPU forumz. regards
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