Need help choosing an external HDD caddy/enclosure

Basically, I'm looking for an enclosure for an IDE or SATA hardrive that can connect to my PC through USB.

That's where the simplicities stop.

I also would like this enclosure to be able to output video to a TV, through S-Video or something akin. It should be able to support as many video codecs as possible, with Xvid and MKV being my two preferences.

The last detail is that I need this enclosure to be fairly cheap - under £50.

Thankyou for your help :D
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  1. Its more like you're asking for a computer in an enclosure.
    It would need some type of video card to output video, plus a processor for DVD/MPEG, etc.
  2. But I have seen these around.

    Just simply not quite what I need.
  3. Hmm I did a Google search for "HDD enclosure s-video" and came up with this...

    kind of what you're looking for? they must all come with a remote to control it.
  4. I've used the Vantec Avox, it was fairly good, you can read about it at:
  5. Thanks very much for your help.

    The especially is almost perfect.

    Although I'd prefer a 3.5" enclosure as the drives are cheaper - or is this asking too much?

    Thanks again.
  6. I really like that device alot, and it's just the sort of thing I'm looking for.

    The only problem is that it costs around £150 ($250).

    That is unfotunately too far out of reach for me and for that money I would be able to put together a basic Mini-ITX system.
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