having trouble connecting to other computers on my lan

I have a wirless lan. and 1 wired computer. I have had this problem ever since I first started trying to have a network. It was funny I started out trying to hook them up with paralell cables and stuff. I finally got it to work mostly. but i have 6 computers. d1 d2 d3 l1 and um i forget but that doesnt really matter. now for instancew d1 can connedt to d2 and 3 but d3 cant connect to d2 but it can connect to d1. and stuff like that. any ideas? and this is a different question but how do I connect to other computers off my network. to play games directly. cuz I have on IP right? I cant even remember how to check it, so how would someone connect to on on my subnetmask.

oh with full duplex 100mbps what kind of seeds should I expect for file transfer. the lesser computer has a amd 3000+ 333fsb 512mb cas latency um 3 5 8 (I think) 1 stick. 7200 ide 2mb cache and whatever onboard nic, umm dlink somthing router. I am not talking about my wired computer to wireless. I had it all wired before and plan to do it again. i like wires.
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  1. Dial up networking via parallel? I remember those good old days. I used to put my comps back to back using a phone cable and a terminal app to connect their modems for multiplayer. Good old days.

    The firewall settings on the computers may be keeping them from contacting each other. I'd check that. Is your network security based on accounts? If so you may want to make sure all the computers have the accounts made so they can connect.

    I've run into the problem of one computer able to see the game another hosts but not the other way around. When Netbios is enabled with file/print sharing on each computer (and they're in the same workgroup) then it should work fine. I personally disable netbios and any services that work with it for security.
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