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I would like everybody to help me on this. Please do you guys know which was the best motherboard based on the i815 chipset? or any other chipset like VIA for Socket 370 processors. The best 2 or 3 motherboards which supported a lot of RAM, had bunch of Pci slots, AGP 4x, ATA/133 etc etc.

Also the 2 or 3 best dual-socket 370 motherboards based on the i815 chipset? or any other like VIA

Please make sure the mobo you mention support tualatin up to 1.4ghz and is ATX

Any brand, ASUS, ABIT, IWILL, etc but the best of the best.


I just checked some mobos and the best would be any with this chipsets:

Via apollo pro 266T
Via apollo pro 133T

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  1. 815 only supported 512MB because Intel was trying to shove P3 RDRAM chipsets onto the market at that time (in preparation for the later P4).
  2. Thats true well i almost forgot about this thread.

    After making some research I just want this board

    Supermicro P3TDDE


    Supermicro P3TDDR

    Using the VIA266T is the best way to have a real fast pentium III.

    If there is anyone interested on selling this board/know somebody who has this board and wants to sell it/or if you just know a website where i can get it. please let me know. Im really interested on getting any of there two boards.

  3. Actually using the BX was the best way to have a really fast PIII, back in the PIII days. The problem was that some sites compared 100MHz FSB processors on BX to 133MHz on KT133, which made the BX look like it didn't perform as well. Their rational was "BX doesn't support 133".

    Of course using the older BX had some special requirements: The RAM had to be "low density" so you needed a 4-slot board to support 1GB. And the AGP couldn't go lower than 1/2, which basically limitted you to cards of the erra which were designed with the overclocked AGP in mind (Early Radeons and GeForce2's mostly).

    Of course the 840 chipset was king, but only if you could afford RDRAM.
  4. Well I have a ZX but like you said. AGP2x, ATA-33, Slot-1 and all that old stuff. i didnt want a 840 because it uses rdram and i have a lot of sdram here pc133. some of the reviews tell that pc133 is faster than rdram in some cases.

    anyways with todays videocards and hard drives I think you can have a very fast pentium III with the Supermicro P3TDDE or P3TDDR.

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