Zalman CNPS9500/Thermaltake Big Typhoon/Scythe Ninja Plus

I want to know if I'd see a noticable difference between the three. I can get the Big Typhoon for $49.99 shipped free, and I can get the CNPS9500 for $63.99 with $5.99 shipping -- $53.99 if I decide to buy the NZXT Lexa. I don't know where to get the Scythe Ninja plus, nor do I know how much it runs for. I'm looking foward to see what everybody thinks. Thanks for the help
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  1. From what I hear, the Tt and Scythe are at the top, but Scythe is quieter. Scythe is personally what I've already bought, and it looks like it's going to be very effective.
  2. Maybe skim through a page or two of the cooler/heatsink forum? There is a thread not even 2 days old where someone is asking about the Ninja and the 9500 and a couple of us have answered.

    Sorry but almost this exact question gets posted at least a couple times a week;

  3. Alright, I've decided to get the Ninja Plus. Now, I just need to know which fan I should be picking up for this. I was considering the Silverstone FM121, due to it's massive 110 CFM output (I don't really mind noise). Though, if I can find one quieter that'll put out a strong ammount of air, I'll definitely consider it. The FM121 is going for $15.99 plus $5 shipping on the EGG. Tell me what you all think. Keep in mind I'm trying to cool my P4 2.6g Northwood.
  4. You could just try the fan that comes with the Ninja Plus first...
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