480W PSU adequate for this setup??

Hey everyone, first time poster right here...I've been browsing these forums quite a bit lately trying to figure out exactly what kind of gaming system to build in the near future - I've come up with the following:

AMD A64 3700+ (single core, duh)
Corsair XMS 2GB (2x1GB) PC3200
eVGA 7900GT CO 256MB
NEC 3550a DVD-RW
Seagate 200GB ATA
Antec Truepower 2.0 480W

My question is this: Will that Antec 480W PSU safely and stably power that rig? I've read a ton of reviews for that PSU and theyre all very very positive. But when I check around on these forums and see other people with similar setups, they have PSUs ranging from 550W to 700W.

Money is a bit of an issue...I'd rather stay under the $90-100 price level (the Antec TPII 480W is about 80 on pricegrabber).

Also, any potential changes/upgrades I should make before clicking the big buy button?

(And for the hard drive nitpickers, I plan on upgrading to SATAII once I get a bit more coin - but I can live with ATA drives for the near future)
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  1. Sure your PSU will support your setup not a problem. I have a 550 watt PSU.
    My setup:
    X2 64 4400+
    2 Gigs Corsair XMS
    AN8 SLI Premium
    Creative Xfi
    Seagate 250Gig HD
    Antec 550 Watt PSU
  2. Antec TPII 550W for $80 shipped.
  3. Quote:
    Antec TPII 550W for $80 shipped.

    Yeah; get the 550W TP just to be safe
  4. Actually, he would be safe with the TPII 480W. I was just demonstrating that there are other good quality, higher rated PSUs in the price range he was searching. If not doing a ton of OCing, then a Fortron 450W would be enough for his rig and only cost $51. [/shrug]
  5. I run a generic 400watt PSU in my new Pentium D 820 (Powerdrain right there), 1 gig of RAM, two WD 7200g 80gig drives, (one SATA, one PATA (or IDE if thats the way you look at it, i know i used to), and a couple of case fans and integrated graphics. Went to a LAN and had the major chore :) of having to test a freinds X1900XT becuase he wasnt getting any picture on his monitor (turned out to be a broken DVI cable, cause you kinda had to twist it, pray, take the first left after the second right, in order to get it into his el cheapo 19" LCD). Anyways, handled fine for about the minute i was testing it.

    Essentially what im saying is 480watts is probably more than enough, your system is more power effecient than mine, becuase the company that made the chip only has three letters - less letters, less power, right?

    On a side note, and it is not my intention to turn this into a single core vs dual core debate, but why (single core, duh)?

    I brought an intel chip becuase i specifically wanted the cheapest dual core I could get. I havent regretted it yet, and when Vista comes out, i can give microsoft 2.8ghz to play with, and i can actually have the other 2.8, to you know, use my computer. Nevertheless, single cores do get slightly better gaming results in games designed for single cores, just as dual cores get slightly better results in games designed for dual core. Thing is games designed for single core are going to become less and less common as multiplecore becomes standard.

    ANyway, have fun, as that system is going to be very, very fast.

    PS - Consider getting generic RAM is money is an issue - I know it was when i built mine, is why i opted for integrated graphics but a board with a PCI-E x16 slot - anyways, generic RAM could well shave about $50AUD off your bottom line, and if you get it with at least a year of warranty, it gets fixed if it screws up within a year anyway. Just a thought.
  6. i agree the 480w will be enough but i think hes getting a TX1088AMG case which comes with the antec 480w TP 2.0 for $139, so thats why he was wondering, its a really good deal, a SOHO case which is supposedly bullet proof and lifetime lasting, and a very decent PSU for 139
  7. bullet proof case? ....i dont understand, would You mind explaning what do u mean by a bullet proof case?.....sorry , a relative nobbie here ;)
  8. its not technically bullet proof, it just means its very good build quality and should last u for a life time even under abuse
  9. OK, firstly thanks for all the replies. I was hoping this kinda discussion would be generated so I could figure out exactly what my options are.

    As far as PSUs go, I was leaning toward the Antec TPII 480W because a) it's brand name, b) has solid reviews across the net, and c) comes with a cool blue LED inside it! =D

    However, as long as I get a high quality PSU for <$100, I'll be happy. If the TPII 550W is a few bucks more than the 480W, I suppose giving up the blue LED is a good tradeoff for 70 more watts of juice.

    I never said I was getting the TX1088AMG case...I'm actually getting a Cooler Master Centurion blah blah blah...something without a PSU and that has a side window.

    Onto processors...I was under the impression the single core 3700+ was an excellent performer as far as CPUs in that price range go. I'm not very interested in dual-core procs at the moment (price for one, and applications for another). I realize very well that as time goes on, more and more apps will support dual cores and that's great, but I dont think that progression will happen fast enough to make the 3700+ obsolete in a short time. I'm pretty sure Vista will run fine on a single core processor. And besides, the mobo I'm getting can be upgraded to an AthlonX2, so I can always buy an X2 down the line. Course, then there's the topic of changing sockets, etc etc, but we'll save that for another day!

    PS: I bought the RAM already - 2GB Corsair XMS from Monarch, 141 after rebate! Quite a deal, I think.
  10. We need to do a frame per watt analysis on GPU's to help with these questions.
  11. hmm actually if u get a good case with good air cooling get an opteron with a good OCing mobo (DFI etc.) u can hit very high speeds. an Opty 144 is around 170 dollars, OC it, it'll be around 2.5Ghx Air cooled, will save u money, money that can be spent on a gfx card
  12. I'm actually not interested in OCing at all...I know next to nothing about it, and I dont really want to take chances with already expensive hardware. Trust me, running everything at the stock speeds/voltages will be quite the performance leap already from the computer I'm currently using (esp where games are concerned). My current 'rig' is a Dell Inspiron 8500...yes, a laptop...I'm actually pretty proud of this baby, she can put out 30-40 fps in Counter-Strike: Source, which is mainly the game I play. That framerate may seem low to some, but it's playable for CSS so that's all that really matters.

    Anyway, I know these discussions tend to go off on tangents slightly: my main and sole concern has always been the PSU but I guess the Antec TPII 480W or 550W will suffice (thats the vibe I've been getting from the replies).
  13. hmm i would recommand the NeoHE 500w, 3 12v rails, or the NeoHE 550 but if ur gonna pay for a NeoHE 550 get an OCZ powerstream VERY GOOD PSU

    so i would recommend in order from best to decent

    OCZ Powersteam 520w
    TrueControl 550w from antec for 100 bucks
    Antec TP2.0 550w
    Antec 480w Blue (blue is cheaper than the normal 480w)
  14. You should be safe if it is a quality PSU and has 30+ amps on the +12v rail. As that PSU is Antec, it will be just fine. I'm running a setup similar to yours with a 480w PSU, no problems.

    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego OC'ed @ 2.59Ghz
    DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D
    1GB (2x512) Mushkin Redline XP 4000 (DDR500)
    ATI Radeon X850XT PE PCI-E
    Audigy 2 ZS Gamer Edition Audio Card
    Tagan 480Watt PSU "TG-480-U22"
    Western Digital SATA2 16MB Cache 250GB Hard Drive
    Maxtor Diamond Max 9 EIDE 160GB Hard Drive
    Emprex 16x Dual Layer DVD Burner
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