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Hi guys,

Im having a bit of trouble with my PC at the moment, it was initially doing strange things like rebooting itself all of a sudden for a bit until yesterday when it rebooted itself but would not boot up. When it came to booting up, it came up with the error "Disk Read error, hit ctrl-alt-del to reboot". I was thinking it was some sort of virus so I deleted the partition through windows and then created a new one, formatted and reinstalled windows. It installed fine but when it rebooted after the 1st part of the install it came up with the same error.

Any ideas on whats goin on? Is my hdd stuffed?

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  1. If you haven't done so, run CHKDSK.


    If this doesn't do it, Google disk read error. I just ran into his with a new hard drive and found some ways to try to fix it but since it was a new drive just sent it back for an exchange.
  2. Well it turns out that it was my mother board. I replaced the board and now the drive works fine. Strange as I used the same IDE cable!
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