A8R32-MVP Deluxe bios probs

Hey guys, nice forums, just joined but been browsing here for long time. Anywho... I had a asus a8n-sli premium but it hated my ram OCZ 2gb Platinum, so my dumb ass stuck with asus and got the A8R32-MVP to replace it. (by the way the a8n-sli is for sale if you want it) But I flashed the MB with the 0311 bios and now when I try to edit the CPU frequency under AI Overclocking, I set it to manual but it will not let me change the value. It and PCI are locked at 200 and 100. I select it with the arrows, but when I press enter nothing happens!?! Anyone else ran into this?

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  1. IT WORKED! this the first bios that I could key in the values, weird. But thanks for the fast reply StrageStranger! I owe you one!

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