HDD Problem

First are PATA and ATA 133 the same ?

I got a new HDD yesterday. It shows up on BIOS and on Windows XP Media Center Device Manager but does not show on My Computer. I have SP2 installed

My motherboard - http://www.motherboard.cz/mb/gigabyte/8S661FXM-RZ.htm

Anyone help me out ? Thanks in advance
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  1. pata is the same as ata133. P = parallel.

    Go into disk manager and create a partition on the disk then format it.
  2. Pain is correct. You need to make a partition and format it before it will show up in My Computer.
    Youll need to go into the disk management utility to format it in windows.

    Pata is not exactly ata 133. It covers the whole ata spectrum from ata 33, ata 66, ata 100 and ata 133.

    People use pata to distinguish between sata and the old ata.
  3. you just have do make the partition system and the formating it it will go smooth
  4. Its working after I partitoned it. Thanks for your help :wink:
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