Socket 478 with PCI Express slot?

Do socket 478 motherboards exist with PCI Express slots? I have been unable to locate one even on Newegg.
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  2. Yes
  3. Your sig hits home with me. I take it you don't know where to find one.
  4. The only one I can come up with is a micro-ATX MSI 915GM Speedster-FA4R. I need a full board.
  5. I believe that msi is for the mobile cpu.
    how about the two in my sig.
    there is more you can use the [search] button to find the 3rd asus board and another from albatron,
    asus 3rd is p4rd1 zzf has em out of stock for the past 4 months , The question you have to ask yourself is it worth it, because those boards range are $150-300 on ebay.
  6. Why is it a neverending quest then?
  7. The Asus board in your sig has a list price of around $160. At that price, it is clearly more feasible to upgrade to a S939 AMD board and be done.
  8. Thanks for the link, but I just looked at the spec page from Asus after looking at IcBlUsCrn's sig. A reputable vendor selling this or a comparable board for around $100 (if it even exists) is what I'm after. It looks like it's just time to upgrade the whole system.
  9. Its a neverending quest cause you'll never find one. If you do on ebay its going for some high dollar,

    for $100 maybe in a few years you'll find them.

    Like i said about $160 if you are lucky i have/still looking for one at that price.
    In the meantime i picked up a p4 d805 combo with asus p5ld2 from fry's for $139. on outpost combo was going for $159. Its only 2.66ghz stock but i oc'd to 3.43ghz with stock hsf, I am going throw on my bigwater se I am hoping for 3.9 ghz. I am just trying to figure out what ddr2 to run.

    But unfortunatley i did not run any cpu benchmarks to comapre it to my skt 478 3.0ghz.
  10. It sucks you didn't run any benchies. I would be quite interested to see what the comparison looks like. Well, time to upgrade the whole system.
  11. well i still have my other system, just to lazy to put it back together and then need to buy cpu benchmarks, and i dont have intenet at home

    This guy clickyhas same cpu/mobo and oc'd the crap out of it and loses to an oc'd fx60 by a little, It seems stable I am currently talking with him about running some games and checking stability. Alao trying to see what ram he used. Even if its not to stable I dont need to overclock to fx 60 levels.
    there are 2 others on that site that have there d805 up in the 4ghz range
    I will still get a socket 478/pcie board when i find one. because i have a few 478 cpu's i can play with.
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