Onboard SOnd vs PCI Sound card which is FASTER.?

hey ppl i m a NOObie when it come 2 SOund card ..!
i was wondering today Sound card onboard is as GOOD as thos top PCI creative sound card.
i m wondering what is the bigest duffernt.. is it tho X-pansive PIC sound card realy faster Or sumthing..? MAn i nerver Feel that SOUND lag.. In game..! even with eax n Stuff.! i men a i can understand that usualy we buy pci sound card for thing like eax2 n eax3 or like firewire n stuff. that onboard dont support but still what abt like a noraml 8ch Sound that support eax onboard comppar 2 a sam pci sound that has the simila spec ..
is it that the pci sound card going 2 giver perfect Sound beter then the onboard or sumthing.. !
Sum pro can explain pls thanks..
COOl stuff :)
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  1. And again, in English please.........
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