Thermaltake Xaser Armor or NZXT Lexa

I've narrowed down my from my original choices, which included the Aspire X-Navigator and the Antec P180. I was seriously considering the P180 until I heard about all of the warping problems it had. I've also concluded that the X-Navigator is just too overpriced, especially for the sub-par build of the case. Alright, I can get the NZXT Lexa for $124.99/$20 MIR/$12.99 Shipping ,totalling at $117.98 and I can get the Thermaltake Armor for $139.99/$25 MIR/$23.00 Shipping, totalling at $137.99. Cooling is more important to me than noise. Plus, I'll be switching out all of the stock fans anyway.

I use an office desk to put all of my computer equipment on. Though, I'm not too sure it'd be sturdy enough for the Armor, so, I'd likely just place it on the floor. The Lexa on the other handle shouldn't be a problem. I just want to know the major quality/performance issues between the two. Also, if you are to suggest another case, Make sure it's not more than $150 with shipping and everything. Looking foward to your opinions.
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  1. armor trumps lexa in cooling, but i would also recommen the gigabyte 3d aurora
  2. P180 was warping side panels and door, armor is better. i believe lexa has a plastic bezel?
  3. yup armor, lexa is a good mid tower tho (its a mid tower right doesnt seem like a full tower)
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