What port do I have to open from my Router's ?

What port do I have to open from my Router's firewall in order to have a direct connection such as in AOL Instant Messenger????
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  1. good question, i tried and never found an answer, didnt try long though

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  2. try this page
    <A HREF="http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,6313258~root=equip,16~mode=flat" target="_new">http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,6313258~root=equip,16~mode=flat</A>
    looks like its port 5190 but from the rest of the discussion it could be a number of ports.
    good luck
  3. every program uses a different port so u have to check what port AOL IM uses. Should be written in some help file or something. U can also ask AOL !!!
  4. just another suggestion that may be worth mentioning, instead of opening a single port for a program, if your router has DMZ capabilities you can put your computer's IP address in DMZ and it will act as if that computer is not behind the firewall at all, which will allow all programs to work without the protection of the router. This does mean that you are completly open and unprotected but then there are other ways to protect yourself like using Zonealarm to control what programs can access and even act as a server.


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  5. <A HREF="http://www.iss.net/security_center/advice/Exploits/Ports/5190/default.htm" target="_new">Perhaps this?</A>

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  6. This is for under WIN XP.

    If you go in control panel -> connection manager and right click on the connection with the name "Internet Connection" and select properties. Then click on settings. You should see a window pop up with all the ports that your computer is using.

    So what you do is, start the application for which you want to know which ports to open then follow the steps above to see which ports it uses. Then open those ports on your router.

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  8. he never said he was using aol, just had the aim client...
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