Opteron 170 or 175

Hey guys which one would do me better for gaming and OCing

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  1. How good are you at OCing? Are you gonna OC the memory? Do you care about a CPU mulitpier of x10 vs. x11? I'd say get the 170, the 175 doesn't offer anymore benefit other than a x11 cpu multipier vs. the 170's x10 mulitpier. And you'll have 200mhz less to OC, no biggy.

    Are you gonna run DDR400? If so, you mos definitely must get the 170, cause the 175 will do you absolutely no good. I'd say the 175 is an experts obsessive compulsive buy, cause you're really paying like $100 or more for an extra multipier option.

    Oh yea, the OC to the sames speeds.
  2. Quote:
    I'd say the 175 is better.

    I'd say that a lot depends on your other hardware. My 175 won't go anywhere but stock (won't even do a variation of stock like 10 * 220 VS stock (11 * 200)). This with Corsair XMS PC4000 (2 * 1GB). I suspect my MB may be the culprit - MSI K8Neo4 Platinum.

    My point here is that if your hardware is capable, the 170 should be fine. If your hardward isn't, then the 175 is faster at stock than the 170. Both are quite excellent CPUs however.
  3. Yea, "off the shelf", the 175 is better. It also depends on your hardware(particularly your mobo, as in MG's case) how far you can OC it, if you are planning to OC it...yea, so let me clarify this. Are you OCing?? Cause if you're not, just get an AMD 4400X2 or 4800X2 CPU.

    They are cheaper compared to their Opteron counterparts.
  4. Well these are my system specs and i haven't decided yet to do a ASUS A8N32 Deluxe or a DFI SLI-Expert and i've been OCing for a while

    2GB Cosair XMS PRO PC3500
    2x XFX 7900GT XXX-OC'ed
    Lite-On DVD-RW w/Lightscribe
    Lite-On DVD ROM
    Raidmax RX9 GT(Black)
    Creative labs X-FI

    and possibly watercooling any suggestions on the WC would help also
  5. Oh holy $hit, the Asus board is good, I have it, but wait like a couple of days, the DFI RD580 chipset board is out, and it should end up being the best board out. DFI is the best for the OCing.
  6. Well i don't like ATI (bad experience) so i'll stick with nvidia thanks though

    is there any new chipsets coming out for nvidia like nf5 or somethin
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