DIY PROJECTOR - list of compatible 15” TFT LCD’s

I am building a projector from the diy projector section on tomshardware and need a list of compatible 15" lcd monitors, they use Iiyama, the 15.1" BX3814UT but i cant find one and dont wanna waste money buying one that doesnt do the job!!! help me plz
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  1. i need a list of common lcds that will lay on top of the overhead projector and not obstruct the Viewing platform ( the area which is projected ) , so all cabling must fit around the lcd, some monitors don’t allow enough cabling to do this, making the circuit board have to obstruct the projection image.
  2. I've taken apart 3 so far and only one worked well. It's the Envision LM-500.

    It's a 15", all white with the AC plug in the rear of the tilting base of the unit. Unfortunately, it slid onto the floor and cracked rendering it useless. It's the only one I've found so far that has cabling long enough to unfold the horizontal matrix out of the way of the projector table.
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