The best results for gaming, howto?

Hello everybody,
I would like to know what is the best gaming hardware.

First of all I need to know what is the best hardware i can get in the market (high prices is not a problem).
I need to know what is my best option for a dual sli motherboard + what are the best graphics card i sould use with it for best preformance.

P.S : All the hardware have to be overcloacking abilities.

thanks in advance for you help.
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  1. Well, that's easy, you definately want 8 opty 8xx, at about $6000 each, with quad SLi, a 30" monitor, X-Fi Elite etc...

    On a serious note, FX60 is still pretty much the top, unless you overclock an opty 185. 2x X1900XTX or 2x 7900GTX depending on if you want ATI or NVidia.
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