A8N-E and USB2 Problems

HI All,
I have been having real problems getting my USB2 ports on my new A8N-E motherboard to run correctly. I have made sure that my XP Home has the latest SP2. It always came up saying that they were USB1. When I put a USB2 device into them, it came up saying You can put this into a high speed port Blah Blah Blah. I thought I had cracked it last night, but came up with another error .Here is a rundown of what I did. (please note I copied this from another post I left on another forum)

Hi Guys,
Well I have some good news and bad news..... Anyway this is what I did.
I first of all turned off my PC and took out the PCI USB2 card. I then turned it on and went into BIOS, where I then disabled all the USB ports. This is where the first problem arose. I then booted up windows, and the windows loading screen came up fine, it then went to a black screen (when the list of users to choose came up). The PC was still sounding like it was running normally. So as a test I pressed the down arrow and enter, and the windows start up music came on. So the PC is running fine then - apart from no picture. I rebooted xp again and pressed F8, which then took me into all the different modes for loading windows, and chose to load with VGA. This loaded absolutley fine, and I could then use windows (without any usb ports - so no mouse) I checked device manager, and there were no yellow question marks - and no USB ports showing (as expected). I then decided to reinstall windows from scratch with USB ports turned off, and not installing the drivers for the graphics card (ASUS 6600LE)

So that is what I did.
I loaded xp home, and updated it to SP2. Loaded the motherboard drivers to the latest ones and that all seemed fine.
I then went back to bios and clicked enable USB and USB2 and rebooted xp. YEAH xp found the usb2 ports. As a test I hooked up my usb2 card reader to each port and downloaded a 500meg file on the desktop. Each one did it in about 1.30min, which is fantastic. At this point I did a full backup of my C Drive (without the graphics card drivers loaded) with Acrinos True Image.
After this I downloaded from the NVIDIA website the latest driver for my card and loaded that in. rebooted, and everything seems fine. Speed tests from USB2 are the same - great. Hooked up my DVB-T freecom USB stick (even though it said USB device found instead of USB2 Device found on my old system) without any bubbles warning me to put it into a hi speed port. Got it running even with the Yakumo drivers and software (able to do the drivers, but the software never work brilliantly before).
So I thought - brilliant I cracked it!!!!!!!

So this morning decided to do another speed test to see if all was still ok.
I attached my multicard reader. My Computer say 4 new removable drives appear. I then slotted in the card with the 500meg file on. Nothing. Couldn't even see it. I double clicked onto each of the removable drives, and when I would have expected a drive not ready message, each one opened into an empty window. even the one with the card in. So I plugged the reader (same cable) into my wifes computer - found it fine. Brought it into work and all the computer here see it fine. DANG!!!!

So I think there is a confliction between my usb2 ports and my graphics drivers. Is this what it sounds like??

Please can anyone help me. I am really starting to get annoyed with this. You thought that by buying both ASUS mobo and graphics cards, you would have that problem.....

So if anyone can help, it will be greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

Nick B
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  1. Yeah man i've hit this problem too, it's knocked me for a loop. I've installed XP Pro, SP2, and I had my mouse and keyboard working for a minute, then when i went to switch to a KVM they all died. I'm not sure whats going on. I've double checked my pin connections, but tonight i'm flashing the bios and upgrading the nvidia drivers. BTW I am using a MSI 7600gt video card, so it maybe something with nvidia......I'd like to think not though.......
  2. I read your problem.
    I went to the microsoft site, entered USB2 and XP in the Search.

    read the sheet and it may be of help to you, ok?

    I have the same ASUS m/board and on installation, thought it was strange that ASUS relied on Microsoft for the USB2 drivers. I'm using Win2K and it works.... so far...
  3. Nick,

    After talking with ASUS, they told me to look at a couple of things, make sure the board isn't grounded in some way. I was also told the controller chip may have a problem. So my suggestion is this, look for possible grounding, unistall the USB drivers, then install the latest and greatest from Nvidia directly. if neither of the 2 above work, i'm going to install win2k and see if there is a difference, last but not least if none of those work, i'm sending it RMA.

    PS i'm also flashing the bios to see if there were any changes that happend since the release of the MB.
  4. Rebuilt my system and didn't install the PATA drivers from Nvidia, everything works great now, no problems. I would update the bios then try a reinstal of the sys without the nvidia pata drivers.
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