will internal card readers be able to be used like a normal?

I was wondering if internal card readers act like a floppy drive? I wanna use it as an alternative for my raid floppy when installing windows XP so that my sata raid hdds can be set up.
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  1. WTF is a RAID floppy?

  2. RAID floppy? Nice, I've got 18 floppys in RAID, I use them to try and approach the awesome speed of my 4x CD-ROM drive.

    But no, I think card readers require a driver.

    And I just got what you meant by RAID floppy. Okay, no, I don't think so, just use your RAID floppy, dude, it'll only eat up about 3 minutes of your life. Unless you OC your floppy, or use it in RAID
  3. no dudes i meant that when you install win xp on a raid 0 hdds yxp setup will need the files that came from the mobo for raid setup. What i asking is that can xp setup be able to read from the card reader just like a floppy when i install xp on raid drives?
  4. thank wusy. Hmm! that's a bother i thought card readers could act like floppy drives. Well in terms of what i posted earlier. But thanks btw
  5. I'm not sure Windows will find and allow you to use your card reader in place of your floppy drive during installation. I was in the same boat a few weeks ago, so I put the card reader in place and I temporarily installed a floppy drive. I didn’t plug the card reader into the motherboard until after I was sure everything was running, so I can’t for sure say that Windows won’t use it during installation, but removing the floppy drive after finnishing the Windows install was very easy.
  6. Ok, I believe I understand this guy's question now...

    DURING the Windows installation is a media card reader an accessible drive or does it become an accessible drive AFTER the installation completes? Anyone?
  7. yeah! that's what i meant by it. Sorry for making you guys confused with my question earlier wehehehe! I found out that i coukdn't be accessible during the bluescreen setup of win xp huh! what a bother! I wanted to negate from an old media such as the floppy but i seems i still need it for raid setup purposes.
  8. yeah! but will xp setup be able to read from it when it asks for the raid drivers in the xp installation?
  9. If I remember correctly, it's not a matter of the windows install detecting the card reader, but that the windows install program *only* checks the floppy drive for additional drivers.
  10. Quote:
    internal card readers=USB2.0=no go

    My imagination tells me someone has cracked it to read drivers from drives other than floppy. Most likely optical drive.

    This concerns me as I've finally given up on a floppy in my system... nor does my laptop have one.
  11. Internal card readers , as any other USB installed device, will only be recognized by system after windows (or any other OS supporting USB) install. Will not working before OS install. After install will be recognized as internal drive diffent from floppy or any other drive installed. Cannot be used as raid , as controler for raid do not control USB port. If you want to have a faster data media, memory cards are better than floppy... but if you want to be safe , make a back you in raid 0 hd system... or get 2 memory cards... they will be safer than any set of floppy you can do in "raid"....
  12. Just slipstream the drivers into another xp install cd. Problem fixed.
  13. I didn't mean to get the card reader to work, just the drivers :)
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