Compaq laptop BIOS doesn't see new drive

:( Compaq presario R3000 laptop hard drive going bad. IMPOSSIBLE to replace drive because BIOS doesn't see new drives although they are listed as tested and compatible e.g. original drive seagate ST94019A; replacement drive ST960812A - Seagate and Compaq both say the bios will recognize any ata-100 drive up to 80GB. I think there's some proprietary BS going on because the BIOS still recognizes the original drive - which continues to work although very poorly. I've flashed the BIOS to the latest version ( F.45) Thanks for any and all help/suggestions.
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  1. Bummer to hear that. Had the same type prob myself recently.

    I placed the drive in question in another computer and went through the formatt deal and chose the option to re-do the FAT files.

    Well, when I returned it to my computer, it was recognised.

    Dont know if you have a spare laptop to do this with.

    Also, if there are jumpers, set them at Cable Select. (Works when MASTER or SLAVE is not recognised for me.)

    Good luck-MPX
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