Windows 7 is no longer genuine???


I built my first custom PC about 4 months ago. I bought windows 7 ultimate off Ebay, installed it, entered my product key, installed Microsoft Security Essentials and everything worked fine. At the time it said my copy of windows 7 was genuine.

Now 4 months latter my computer randomly pops up with a message telling me my copy is no longer genuine. Microsoft Security Essentials is no longer running, my desktop background has turned black and in the bottom right hand corner of my screen there is a message saying

"Windows 7
Build 7600
This Copy of Windows is not genuine"

As far as I can tell my copy of Windows 7 is genuine. It came with a sealed COA, a proof of License label and holographic discs.

So does anyone know why this has happened, and what I can do to fix it? If you need more information from just let me know. All help is much appreciated.

Thanks so much
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  1. I've seen this happen on my laptop, but the problem went away when I reactivated it. Have you tried that?
  2. so you purchased the software from ebay?....i am not surprised that's not genuine
  3. Someone probably sold you his TechNet key or keys that were obtained in an illegal manner.
  4. Possibly non-genuine software was sold to you! Or it was a well used copy, that has been installed on several machines!
  5. You can phone ms and talk to one of their reps and he'll get some info off the disc you purchased and then tell you what to do or if it is in fact a pirated copy....
    Tom's hardware does not promote or help in the cracking or fixing of illegal copies of any software....
  6. i bought one off ebay around christmas. it had been working finr untill a couple of weeks ago. it came up saying it wasnt genuine.
    i rang microsoft and they told me that the product key that i had bought was only for large companies with more than 200 pcs. so they had blocked it.
    sorry mate but im afraid you will have to ring microsoft up and you will probably get the same news as me
  7. Just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for your ebay copy (Reaper and Daniel)
  8. Hm, sounds like you possibly got a non-genuine copy.
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