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I feel like a noob for asking this question, but I can't find answer on the web.

My 5.1 speakers have 3 connectors 1st for central/subwoofer, 2nd for front left/right and 3rd for back left/right. I suspect all of them are analog.

I am thinking about upgrading my computer, so my question is if all 5.1 and 7.1 mobos and soundcards support this configuration. Or are there cards that do not support it?
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  1. That is the standard 3 connectors for all 5.1 sound cards and speakers. You see life is easy for those with 5.1 speakers and sound card :D - try dealing with 7.1 or 6.1 speakers and sound cards like I am - then you'll really have lots of fun :lol: :twisted:
  2. But the cards that are 7.1, do they support the same connection for 5.1 speakers?
  3. probably. 7.1 only adds 2 channels behind you, so it must have some 5.1 mode where it disables those channels. as for the connectors, they'll probably do
  4. Almost certainly - the 7.1 sound cards that use one connector for Surround L & R and Surround Back L & R simply get their data from extra poles on the plug itself (cummon with Creative brand Speakers and sound cards) - 5.1 speakers do not posses these extra poles on the plug so it will function without any problems - just ensure you set the speaker setup to 5.1 in the soundcard's software.
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