Best way to improve framerate?

It seems to me that videocards are the easiest/most cost effective way to improve frame rate. Is there ever a case that improving another computer component may have a larger effect on framerate on games?

The only 2 I can think of are:
1) You've already got the best in terms of GPU's(like OC'd 7900gtx's in Sli)
2) Your system doesn't even meet the minimum requirements for a game

Is there anything else though? (GPU's are expensive!)
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  1. Games like GPUs, System RAM, and Videocards.

    Other than that, a dedicated sound processor like an Audigy might give you a few FPS over, say, integrated sound... but that advantage might dissapear if you use advanced features that high end sound cards provide, like EAX...
  2. Yeah, Framerates are primarly determined by your GPU, but the CPU factor changes a bit game to game. Dedicated sound cards help a little, but focusing on GPU then CPU is the way to go. Do you have a more specific question about them or a specific game?
  3. I guess it just seems like there is alot of focus on getting supreme CPU speed on gaming computers and I don't quite understand why. I can max the processor/physics (or whatever it is) settings on FEAR pretty easily, but I can't stay above 60 FPS unless I crank down the resolution/settings big time.

    I just thought, maybe I was missing something.
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