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Pentium D 805, good choice for short-term upgrade?

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April 12, 2006 11:13:48 PM

I think Its time for an upgrade, I currently have an almost 3year old rig,
P4 2.26ghz 533mhz bus
512mb of RD1066mhz
Asus P4C533-T mobo (i think)
GForce 4 Ti4600
Load of HD's
Creative audio

now i want to wait for Conroe or AM2 to put down some serious money on a monster, but dont think i can wait another 6months with this antique, so here is what im thinking, just drop $300 or so on a budget system to get me through the time or put down some coin on items i could potentially use with Conroe/AM2.

I'm leaning towards going with the Pentium D 805, with a cheap mobo, 1gig of ram, new Power supply (mines starting to make noise, think fan is going). priced it out to about $350 CND after tax with the 805, ASUS P5VD1-X, 2* Samsung PC3200 512MB DDR400. then a nice Powersupply on top of that (which would be used on the new system 6months from now) was looking at the

OCZ OCZ52012U-520W Modstream Power Supply PCI-E Ready W/ Ezmod Cable System
good choice?

Motherboard: One with minor OC ability, 2.66 to 3.00? nothing major
Memory: DDR or DDR-II?
CPU: AMD with same price = 3000+ (2ghz)

My plan is to use this as a temp video editing machine (as any upgrade is better then my current setup) then in 6months or so upgrade to Conroe or AM2.

Thanks for your input.

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April 14, 2006 8:36:49 PM

Sounds fine. I have a feeling the 805 will hold its value for a while, making it easy to unload your hardware once to step up to AM2/Conroe.
April 14, 2006 8:48:56 PM

Get the 805 with DDR-II RAM. Both AM2 and Conroe will use DDR-II.
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April 14, 2006 9:17:11 PM

Well, you would also need to buy new RAM, thats why I dont recommend a short-term upgrade now.
Just wait for Conroe, only 3 months left and you will have a lot more money to spend on the Conroe rig then.

Waiting is not that hard, since January-ish I wanted to upgrade my danged X300 SE to a X800 GTO because Ill buy a notebook in September and I thought 9 months was too long but now, 4 months later, Im pretty OK with waiting *lolz* only makes the "Whoa" effect bigger in September and that is what is gonna happen to you.

You should really think over it twice, but if you do decide to upgrade now, the Pentium D 805 is an excellent choice. Cheaper than almost any single-core and much faster, its really some nice CPU to have. Furthermore it overclocks pretty well and you can get 190-ish FSB sometimes.
April 14, 2006 10:01:59 PM

I was in your same boat also wanted to change to pcie and i got the 805 and am very pleased (ok somewhat pleased) rigs in my sig ($139 combo at frys). I recommend to go with a good overclocking mobo or a great one better.

I was going from a p4 3.0g oc to 3.3g sckt 478 and wanted pcie. The thing i was kind of surprised at was my d805 oc' to 3.3 ran pretty much the same super pi times. I dont know what i was expecting but whatever. I took it to 3.4 with stock hsf. running 3.6 stable now got as high as 4ghz but started to have issues, motherboard related i think.

I am just waiting for am2 or conroe.