Help a first time OCer OCing Celeron D 340 on socket 478 PLZ

Hi there. As the title says, can someone help me please. It's running at 2926MHz on stock (2.933GHz rating) and 30C idle about 45-48C under full load. I'm using an Intel manufacturerd heatsink fan (not the stock fan). Here are my system specifications:

-Celeron D 340 2.93GHz 265KB socket 478 Prescott 133.0MHz x 22=2926MHz 533MHz bus speed
-Micron PC2100 DDR266(133MHz) 512MB PN:16VDDT6464AG-265CA on SPD (2.5-3-3-6)
-Nanya PC2100 DDR266(133MHz) 256MB PN:N/A on SPD(2.5-3-3-6)
-Machspeed Matrix P4M800 MATX Socket 478 BIOS:Phoenix 6.00PG
-40GB IBM deskstar ATA 100 (dunno, maybe ATA 66)
-Integraded graphic & sound

My goal is to keep the temp relatively low and not end up overheating whatsoever. The max FSB is 166MHz (I checked that in the BIOS). 3.63GHz is the max speed I can get out of this CPU but I don't really know how to overclock it. I heard that the FSB:RAM needs to be 1:1 for Intel systems or the performance is lost. The Vcore is something around 1.34v in the BIOS. I know it has to be very precise but I can't remember what it is. Voltage for RAM is 2.6v in SPD (I think so). This first time overclock will make a great learning experience for future overclocking. Thanks.

Edit: How is it possible that it only has 166MHz FSB max in the BIOS? This motherboard supports 400/533/800 MHz FSB, said clearly on the website and the manual.
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  1. Hi,
    You're really going to be limited in your overclocking with that memory. DDR266 is some pretty slow stuff and it's currently running 1:1 so when you increase the FSB it will drive your memory faster and that old stuff may not go too far. I'm trying to think if your board might have an underclock ratio divider for the memory to run it slower than the FSB... if so, choose it in you BIOS to keep the memory stable while you push the processor.

    The FSB speed is 4X the actual FSB in Mhz. so your current 133 MHz equals the 533 that they advertize.

    Not sure how good that mobo is, but your Celeron D should be able to easily overclock into the 3.4 to 3.6 range without any VCORE increase and should stay within reasonable temp limits considering your current temps look good for one of these Prescott core chips.

    Read the sticky note on overclocking the P4 in this forum and it will walk you through the steps...
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