Upgrade or wait for DX10?

I have an ati x800xt (agp). Im looking at upgrading my mobo and video card. I was looking and a x1800xt. would it be worth my time and money, or would i be better off waiting for DX10 cards? I am going to vista.
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  1. I am going to vista? Is it a place or is it a operative system that the rumour said it´s started my Microsoft :?:

    Wait? Yeah if your priority is using Windows Vista with full graphical effect you can do two things:

    1) buy the x1800xt and enjoy it´s power until Vista arrives and then you have to change your videocard.

    2) Wait for a company that get´s away with a new OS after over 5 years of absence.

    PS If you like to play games then the waiting could be painful if you are stuck with your x800xt which is a good card but compared to x1800xt it is :) quite dull for the games that entered the market in 2006.
  2. Thanks guys!!! I just bought the x1800 and mobo. I got the dfi ultra-D!!! :D I should see some good clocks and killer games! I will play with that x1800 till the games play like crap! By then DX10 will be out and it will be time to spend some real money and get the top of line! P.S. would I get some good clocks out of the x1800? Would there be more then 10 or 12 fps if I do clock it?
  3. Wait,
    Your video card is "good enough" already.
    The DX10 cards might be a long way away and current cards don't have sm 4.0
  4. I already bought my card and mobo! I Like to play my games with high detail and good frame rate! I had this x800 for almost 2 years and I hate having to lower my details to get the games to run at a good fps. :cry: I do some type of upgrade every year. Plus I think it time to go to pci-e!
  5. Sorry, I didn't read the part you already got the card and mobo. That should keep you happy for at least 1 year.
  6. Have you ever overclocked one of these cards? Would it be worth my while? Never had luck overclocking video cards! :cry: Dont want to kill it!
  7. Get a "pre" overclocked video card, like eVGA did with their super-clocked 7800GS cards. Then you know the card is already overclocked and tested.
    CPUs are easier, just change the bus-speed in the BIOS then the CPU gets multiplied automatically. (increase SLOWLY)
    There is a way to overclock video-cards manually, but I think it's harder.
  8. thank!!! I will put up another post! I have tryed the ati tool on my x800 and when I went one mhz over 506 it crashed. owell I have a new toy comming and well see how that goes.
    P.S. Let her BURN!!!! :twisted:
  9. lol i c u really like to waste $$ (just my opinion lol) im alsoplanning to get a new rig up (as i planned since the end of 05) but there is no point in doing so now(atleast for me)the best thing to do it to wait.. ill wait for vista to come out, and new gpu(maby by the end of this year) newer directx10 gpus and then ill buy myselfe a nice mobo, gpu, proc, and that 2 gig or ram(or more ;), but i gues 2 gig will be enough for atleast the next year and a half, besides Win vista will have that virtual ram flash enabling thing, anf that will be mutch cheaper than geting pc ram....finaly i could use my 512 and 256mb flash drives that have been collecting dust for a while lol)) ...and to think i wanted to build a new sustem last year lol..to be hinest i think the pc i have now is just crapy (pentium 4 1.7 512 ram and a 64mb ATI AIW)graphic card, but it served me well since 2001 (except those 5 dead hd's lol) but i think its beter to wait till 2007 for Vista, and to be honest then i think ill just buy windows Xp and later on I might get the vista upgrade cd lol
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