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nVidia 7300GS

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April 13, 2006 3:45:04 AM

This is in regards to a friend of mine...recently he said his screen went black and he couldnt do he restarted the comp and everything seems to be loading, u just can see i went by to check it out and i came to the conclusion that his video card somehow crapped out...he also has onboard graphics, so i connected the monitor to the onboard with the other video card out, and its still the same i went to my local pc shop, they tested the card, and it went to the xp loading screen then the screen turned black video card is shot...he has the hp pavilion a630n. And the card that he upgraded to, was the Radeon 9250 256 PCI(the one that crapped out)...I dont know y he got a pci card, when he has the pci-e slot...anyways he said he can only afford about $150(canadian, including tax) for a new card...i told him to get the geforce 7300GS 256, its about $102 or some other guy he knows has a X1300 512 for $115 much of of difference will he see with the 7300gs from his old 9250?

Could anything else be causing this problem?, or is it for sure his video card?

some info on the 7300gs card

Also his HP came with this garbage psu - hipro says 300w MAX output...that 7300gs said it required a minimum of a 350w and pci-e is the 7300gs even gonna run with that psu that his HP came with? If not, then y would they bother to put that kinda psu in their HP systems even though their mobo has the pci-e slot?

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April 13, 2006 2:46:04 PM

1. HP Power supplies are usually underrated, so that should be fine with a 7300 GS or X1300

2. The X1300 is the better performer from what I've seen. The 7300 GS is addled with a 64-bit memory bus, the X1300 has a full 128-bit bus.

3. The X1300 is about twice as good as his old 9250.
April 14, 2006 2:16:31 PM

I'm on a 7300GS memory purge! First and foremost, hte 64bit memory interface is not what holds this card the most. It is crippled by the fact it only has 4 pixel pipelines and attempts to do SM3.0 work. Older cards can't attempt SM3.0, so they can do more frames at 2.0 than the 7300GS at 3.0. GDDR2 is going to hold it's performance back a bit. Using Turbo cache relies on the rest of your system quite a bit. The more memory, and the faster memory you have, the better it will perform. I have even noticed small gains on upping the HT speeds. So much of what people think of this card is not true, but the one thing that is, is that the X1300 is a better card for the money. But seriously, If you are considering gaming, jump up to hte 7600GS. You'll be happy you did.
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April 14, 2006 2:44:00 PM

1. HP Power supplies are usually underrated, so that should be fine with a 7300 GS or X1300

2. The X1300 is the better performer from what I've seen. The 7300 GS is addled with a 64-bit memory bus, the X1300 has a full 128-bit bus.

3. The X1300 is about twice as good as his old 9250.

The X1300Pro should work very nicely; an X1300 with 512MB VRAM is a waste because it's got a 128-bit bus. Just like a 7300 with 256MB VRAM is a waste because it's bandwidth-limited. With both of those cards, you won't be able to turn up the graphics enough to use all of that VRAM; it's (VRAM) more of just a marketing thing.
April 14, 2006 2:56:16 PM

I am seriously going to puke. Bandwidth is not as important as the fact that the card uses GDDR2. How often do people really think a card is using all of it's memory bandwidth?!?!?!?!? Why isn't everyone saying how poor of a performer the 7600GT is because of its 128bit interface? Because its a great performer, despite it. Get over it guys.
April 14, 2006 3:34:11 PM

i would go for the chipest.....x1300 could be a better performer.....i guess it`s the price/performance that makes the difference......

the bandwith is extremely is related to the address width .. frequency etc...........vram freq*bits per cicle/8.....empiric computation........

go for has a good price and has more memory...not that it will matter over 256....and 128bit interface with it`s memory....
...indeed the comercial aspect...well in same years from now when you`ll probably have to sell it to same friend....512 vram (nomatter how poor performer that card is) will bring a good impresion
April 14, 2006 3:46:52 PM

939 dual channel memory with a single core CPU shows gains of 0-5% over 754 single core CPU with single channel memory interface. The 939 can address 4GB, 754 2GB. We are not at the maximum Theoretical Bandwidth hardly ever, it is not "extremely" important to use a dual channel interface if you are using 512MB of memory. This isn't any different.
April 14, 2006 3:55:33 PM

what the f***** has that to do with the video card...
you need to get same more experience brother...

what the f*** is wrong with you ..... you have one opinion keep it for yourself... you don`t like mine ...just dissregard it.......
what`s that 754 and 939 has to do with video bandwith......
be carefully when you jump on sameone .... express your opinion`s ok.....but don`t jump on others expecilaly with a completly out of the line not to say.....i***.... solution

peace........i`m a little mad now...sorry ...but please be carefully .... there are many people arround here with heavy not to say guru experience
April 14, 2006 3:57:53 PM

Did you actually read all three of my posts here? Have you actually used a 7300GS?
April 14, 2006 4:00:54 PM

if you want to help...please read all the lines.....don`t just read between the lines... you all....
don`t take it personaly my friend ... i had a rough day...peace again..and lets resume the conversation ...the topic was 7300gs ...wright :D 
April 14, 2006 4:07:49 PM

Peace is good. I'm not trying to jump on you at all. There is just so much mis-information on the 7300gs it is crazy. Heck, Nvidia has hardly sold any of them either (and they shouldn't unless they drop to the $50 range). Also, most reviews for them are using Budget systems and the 128MB version of the card (which makes some sense, considering it IS a budget card). But the 256MB card on a system that has 1GB+ does much better. Being that I have used the card (I was only stupid enough to buy one :)  ) in many setups (It's a good PCIeX16 card to hide in a drawer for testing especially considering you can use it in half-height slot cases). So I have seen how well it can perform under various tasks, and although I was surprised at how well it works (for its specs), it simply costs too much for what it is. It would have been smart to have this card default to using SM2.0b and make the user enable 3.0.
April 14, 2006 4:08:05 PM

nop...not used 7300gs ..but used x1300 x1800 x1900 x800 x850 etc
6600 series 6800 series ....7800series.....

no 7900 jumped in my hand before...yet

well this is my opinion..don`t like it dissregard it my friend....
we are not judging here numbers...128bit/512 against 64bit/256...which i hope is evident for everyone of us ...we are judging prices options.....

7600 is not the case here my friend that chapter was discussed......
the ideea was choose between x1300 and 7300...

my opinion is judging the prices and "numbers" that the better choice is opinion my friend have yours problem i respect`s up to the owner to choose
April 14, 2006 4:11:18 PM

Gentlemen... gentlemen... rest your sphyncters.
April 14, 2006 4:13:12 PM

Exactly, and even I (who am defending the 7300GS) am telling people to choose the X1300. So, we are on the same page there.
April 14, 2006 4:18:12 PM

yap......peace my friend....we all brought our are there other who would like to express their opinion ...

i must appologise if there was sameone jumpy today that was me .. please except my appologises...i had a shiety day my friends......

well the numbers speak for themselfes and i`ve seen x1300 at work.....for my surprise it performed much much much better than 9250 agp version ofcourse.....x300 (i think HIS x300 64bit interface) not much bother we use that version for the cheapest pci-express card we can sell............

peace boys ...have a nice evening.....
April 14, 2006 4:31:24 PM

thank you for the link the owner can see it for him this is how we should do it...proof ..tehnical data ....the reason i jumped of my chair is that you gave me that thing with the 754...and understand now......

yes from my experience i could see nvidia was good and still is ofcouse when it cames to opengl like doom3.....
the other games.....not had enough time to study the link carefully enough i must appologise for that, the x1300 is the clear winner.....well

peace again my friends...thanks to our friend for the link i really must go...peace and have a nice evening
April 14, 2006 4:48:44 PM

I was just trying to use an anology computer people would understand that is similar. I would definately keep what games the person wants to play in mind when deciding which to use, thus I disagree that the x1300 is a clear winner, but considering cost, neither seem worth their money at this point. With these cards costing 60-75% as much as x1600 and 7600gs's they are NOT a value.