really strange temps and voltages

i've been noticing some really wierd voltages with my current setup. i'm not sure whether it's my hardware or my settings, but i've checked with 3 different monitor programs. are these numbers normal for a 2800+ sempron? (socket A) Everything runs stock. open case.

AMD Sempron 2800+ 64K/256K (reads as an MP)@ 1200MHz (12x100MHz)
Zalman CNPS7000AlCuLED fan @ 2250RPM
PCChips M848ALU v2.1
MGE 400watt Power Supply /w LED
512mb kingston value ddr400 (2-3-3-6)*
256mb OCZ performance rev 3.2 ddr333 (2-3-3-6)*

128mb ATI 9800pro (r360) 8x agp (378/676)
Sound Blaster Audigy
SoftV92 PCI fax modem

16xDVD player
48x12x48 CDRW
300GB Seagate 16mb 7200rpm
80GB Western Digital 8mb 7200rpm

Logitech USB Cordless mouseman
Logitech USB Quickcam communicate STX

-svideo connected to TV (which is off). dont know if that makes a difference.

*i think ram is running at pc2100 never bothered to check.

Temp1: 32c
Temp2: 127c
Temp3: 64c
HD1: 41C
HD0: 47c

Vcore1: 1.58
Vcore2: 2.56
+3.3V: 1.33V
+5V: 2.02V
+12V: 4.54V
-12V: -7.92V
-5V: -3.15
+5V: 1.51
Vbat: 3.06

Motherboard Monitor 5:
CPU: 64c
Core0: 1.58
Core1: 2.56
+3.3: 1.33V
+5.0: 2.03V
+12.00: 4.78V
-12.00: 3.27V
-5.00: 0.00V
CPU: 1200MHz

H monitor:
CPU1: 32.0c
CPU2: 64.0c
+12V: +5.44
Core: +1.57
Aux: +2.56

CPU Z: just in case you all wanted to see what type of cpu.

this is an every day use computer. It's on most of the day, and i do quite a bit of gaming on it. at least a few hours of CSS a day. Lately i've been noticing a lot of fps drops in CSS from 30fps - 60fps to 5fps - 25fps, choke goes up to about 60 in firefights and always stays around 3. i've tried changing rates and such, but i think my computer is overheating. i want to take temps of my video card, but i dont know what program to use. when i turn off the computer the stock HSF on the 9800pro is hot to the touch (almost burning hot). While the HSF (Zalman CNPS7000AlCu) on the CPU is cool when touched. room temp is about 70*F. anyone know what's up?
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  1. Hello...

    Can u give us the layout of your PC. As detailed as possible...
  2. Your system wouldn't even boot with voltages at those levels. It's obvious that the programs are misreading your voltages and/or you haven't configured them correctly. If your system is running stable and performing like you wnat it to, then you shouldn't be overly concerned with the V/Temps. Check your voltages/tamps in the BIOS and see if PCChips has a hqardware monitoring utility for that specific mobo.
  3. well... i've checked the bios numerous times, and it' gives the same info. Although it doesn't tell me anything about the voltages, the temps for the cpu hover around 25-32. i'm not sure what the 64C and 124C are for. I keep thinking it's the power supply, but i have no way of testing until i get a new one. would it make much difference if i unplugged my cdroms and took out some pci cards?
  4. what's a good program to look up temps and voltages?
    my voltages fluctuate a lot. +12 just watchin it now fluctuates anywhere from 2.35-8.xx. goes in between a lot too. same with all the other rails. +5 goes 1.10-3.06 etc.
  5. Did you set your Sempron to read as an Athlon MP? Cud be pointing toward faulty board?

    Another question about your Sempron, are you sure it's 1200mhz? That sounds pretty heftily underclocked to me. My Socket A Sempron 2200+ - 64k L1/256k L2 - runs at 1497mhz (166x9). Could your board be underclocking it?
  6. The programs that you are using either don't support the mobo that you're trying to monitor or you don't have them setup right. You're stressing over nothing - you're PC would not run with the voltages that you are saying. It simply would not run. Go to the websites for the programs that you are using and see if they support your mobo. If they don't support your particular mobo, then the program won't look at the right sensors or will not interpret the readings correctly. If none of them support it, then let us know and we can point you to another program. Another option is to use a multimeter to take the readings directly from the voltage rails.
  7. Board is as cheap as they come; PCChips m848ALU 2.1. So i'm guessing it is just the board doing all kinds of funky crap. I remember the computer never booting up right, so i went into bios and set everything to default then turned off the sound and left it at that because it worked. dont want to mess with it because everytime i do, i get boot issues. Checked out speedfan's website and they don't say much about mobo compatability, but my mobo wasnt listed on Hmonitor's site. I'm still looking for a reliable voltage sensing program though.

    I never even really noticed that the sempron was underclocked. I remember it booting as a 2800+ all the time, but 1.2GHz does sound kinda low. i just dont really want to mess with bios right now because i'm getting a new opteron in today, and an asrock mobo in next week. hopefully a new cpu/mobo and reformat will do me good. although i dont really know what to do with my old setup... ;p so here i go a tweaking. maybe even a massive overclock on a cheap PCChips mobo! ;p riiiigghhht....

    edit: thank you MesaRectifier! that was awesome. haha. i went into mobo and changed a few settings. it was automatically setting speed of cpu to 166 and ram to 133. i changed it to manual at 166/166 and now it runs fine. supposedly running at 2t cas latency but who knows.

    my voltages are still crazy though....
  8. For the Sempron being recogized as an MP and being recognized @ only 1.2GHz you might try updating your BIOS... if you can find any for a board like yours. As for the sensors... they're probably just being read incorrectly. I have the same problem on my cheapo (read: freebie) ECS motherboard.
    Its nothing to really worry about, especially since you're upgrading. To me it would be an irresistable mystery that I'd just HAVE to try to solve, but thats just me.

  9. PCChips - did you shop at eBuyer, perchance???
  10. yes... i dont think i solved the mystery but i fixed it. CSS runs like it used to now, and it no longer shows up as an athlon mp. default mobo settings sucked. the pcchips mobo came pretty much free when i bought the sempron at fry's. it was $80 last summer, couldnt decide whether to buy that or the amd 64 3000+ with mobo, which suxored anyways, for $180. i'm glad i didnt spend the extra 100 for an outdated socket processor. ;p i'm just hoping my psu isn't fubar'd.

    i'll find out next week when i set up my new rig. can't wait... i'm hoppin out of my seat at every person walkin outside the window. dang fedex guy. haha. opty 165 is in delivery truck on its way. grr....
  11. I got my ECS motherboard with my X2 3800 @ Frys for during the after Thanksgiving sale for $279. At the time an X2 3800 (w/o a motherboard) was about $330 I think so I felt like I was getting a pretty good deal.

  12. awesome... i remember drooling over that deal. i wanted it so bad, but i'd already invested almost $150 in my rig. figure'd i didnt just want it to go to waste. was hoping the price would go down sometime soon too... apparently it hasnt. haha. a 3800+ is still $295. good deal you got man. no OC'n i suppose? ;p ECS ehehe. not a bad mobo, but it's not good either. ;p
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