Im trying to install Unix xandros to my system. My system already had XP. I put the cd and click it thru windows and it tells me to get ready to restart. When I do, it just skips the cd and goes straight to the system. Im trying to figure out why when it can read cd's on XP. I tried working with this all night, Ive enev changed the BIOS to load the CD drives first then the floppy then the Hrd disk. Both are read by bios, both of them work. Is the solution in thw way I have things hooked up (jumpers or cords)? Or is it something else that I havent thought out? I figure that Id come here to find my solutions since I came here and found my solution before. Im thinking that at best, the CD cant be read by the drives cause of its type of CD. its a HP burned CD. I dont know thought because the CD worked perfectly in the computers at school. What should I do?
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  1. Well, I can't tell exactly what's wrong, but I do know it's got nothing to do with XP. Have you tried using other bootable discs? If they work then you know it's the cd, otherwise theirs a problem with you drives. Good luck.
  2. You cannot start the Xandros install from inside windows.

    You have to make sure your BIOS boot order is set to boot from CDROM before it boots from your hard drive.

    The 1st install CD is bootable as long as it has been recorded correctly.

    How did you record it?

    Did you verify the disk's checksum and signature?

    To verify checksums refer to this page:

    You can use ISORecorder to properly record ISOs to CD under XP SP2:

    Other distributions can be downloaded here:

    Ubuntu, Fedora Core 5, SuSE are the most user friendly in that order.
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