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I am having problems with my CH pro pedals. No matter what I try I can
only get them to control between centre and full left. Any one got
any ideas?
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    Hello from KOXR,

    I have had intermittent problems with my CH Products- Pro Pedals. The
    problem that I was having was when I was trying to taxi, the AC would steer
    in a random fashion. I tried to recalibrate the pedals, but that would'nt
    help. I would suggest that you try to recalibrate your pedals. If that
    doesn't help go the CH Products website for more information and check and
    see if your pedals are still under warranty. In my case, my pedals were out
    of warranty, I had to replace a potentiometer (part number HP100, 100K) that
    controls the rudder function. There is one potentiometer for each brake
    function I believe that is a 150K ohm value.

    For you info check this out:

    So, what I would do is try to recalibrate, if that doesn't work go to the CH
    Products website, check your warranty, and if your out of warranty see how
    much they charge for repair. If you have the neccessary skills you could
    repair the pedals yourself. When I repaired my pedals there wasn't a
    schematic to work from; I took mine apart starting from the foot-pedals and
    noted how everything was put together by making a drawing. The screws are
    self-tapping so you have to be very careful our you'll strip the plastic
    treads. you'll need an ohmmeter to center the poteniometer.

    I must say that trying to make your own repairs takes skill and knowledge.
    Your problem could be just a loose connection somewhere. So, please take

    DE AG6Z 73's
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