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is there a link that has a list of what win 7 64 bit can handle? I wanna know what the max is, like can win 7 home premium handle more than 4 gig of ram or more? does win 7 pro max out at 8 gig or more? i'm just curious what the max is so I can decide which to buy
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  1. It doesn't matter which edition you buy (premium vs. pro vs. ultimate), what matters is whether you buy the 64-bit version or the 32-bit version. The 32-bit version is limited to a little less than 4GB of RAM, while the 64-bit versions go beyond that.
  2. 64 bit OS will handle as much ram as you can fit in a home system, you'll hit hardware limits before you hit the OS limit. As siminlal said, the version does not matter, 64 bit is 64 bit.
  3. wikipedia says that 64 bit can handle 256 TERABYTES of ram
    no problems there
  4. actually more, that's just a common limit (48 bit)
  5. What the processor can address and what Windows 7 can handle are not the same.

    Here is the definitive answer. As you will see, it varies according to the version of Windows 7, but the maximum is 192GB. I suspect that Windows 8 will be out long before that becomes a limitation. Server 2008 can handle considerably more RAM.
  6. Home Premium 64-bit is limited to 16 GB. Any higher version has this limit removed.
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