need advice on case fitting

I have a dual 120mm bonneville heater core, and was wondering if it would fit an alienware desktop case. I have two hard drives, but both of my dvd burners are external, So I can relocate them to the cdrom bays.
I also have an ehiem 1048 pump and was wondering? If I put the heater core to the front of the case, where would I relocate the pump. I thought about making my watercooling external, but I dont really like that idea very much. I would like to just move the pc and not a pc and a box. Not only that, but I think it looks tacky. I don't have an alienware desktop, but am thinking about buying a case off of ebay. I have everything installed in a server tower now, but it is a little big and bulky. and looks like crap, evern with the mods I am doing to it.
Any suggestions.
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  1. im not quite sure how big is the radiator, i dont think alien ware cases have "lots of room" u should look at getting a fuill tower case
  2. I thought that alienware cases were full tower. I might just replace it with a newer server case. I just hate all the room it takes up. Plus it just looks hideous. I am doing some modding to it so we will see how that turns out.
  3. it is a full tower but i dunno i dont think its very roomy in side, it seems tall but very short in length

    like something like a Tt Armor would be bigger

    i think the alienware case is tall but there isnt much room between the mobo and HDD's Optical drives etc

    btw Tt armor would be a good choice comes with a 250mm side poanel fan
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