arctic cooling freezer 64 pro

what do u guys think of this cooler. id like to buy it for my x2 3800+ and overclock it a little. ive seen some reviews and it looks very interesting, also the price is great. can i take it to 2400mhz? i have a k8n sli platinum, 7800gt, corsair 2x512mb xms c2pt 2.5-3-3-6 currently at ddr440
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  1. I brought that same cooler my temp went from

    44c with stock cooler
    34c with Artic 64

    I love it. Well worth the money.
  2. did u buy the plain model or the pro? and what is your cpu [just to get an ideea]
  3. THIS is better then the zalman 9500?????????

    ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro Cooling Fan with Heatsink

    Thats weird.... a person I talk to alot says it dropped him about 5-6C on average with an already OC'ed processor (an X2 3800+ @ 2.5ghz). I thought the 9500 would drop you like 10C in that situation.
  4. heh

    i just bought one a couple of hours ago

    -shipping from


    i read some reviews -google

    and the reviewers said to use the Thermal pad that comes with the Heatsink ,its some special compound they put on for optimal performance

  5. i would have to disagree wusy, i really dont' like how madshrimps tests their hsfs.

    in my opinion, for a somewhat consistent result, you at least need a stable heatsource (no CPUs and crappy burn programs). and a industrial temperature monitor and probe (absolutely no shitty mobo sensors)

    they also do not provide you with ambient temperatures and case fan setups. they have way too many major variables to narrow down the temperature differences to the HSF
  6. The stock thermal material over arctic silver?
    Has anybody done a comparison?
    I'm just curious because I'm planning to buy this hsf for my new build.
    $6 I can save on Arctic silver is $6 more for my videocard budget.
  7. yeah on my Freezer pro they just dont use any thermal pad

    they put there special MX-1 thermal compound wich is like A5

    they work about the same way

    the company said it was optimized for my heatsink

    but A5 is a good product =]

    here it is -Pc

    the Freezer 64 has very good cooling

    AMD 64 3200+ @ 2.4ghz
    1gb twinx1024
    6800gs @ 490-1100
  8. the thing with motherboard sensors is that the temperature is not an actual reading, but an calculation. mistakes can be made both ways and are usually random on motherboard sensors. temperature differences usually range from 1-5c optimistically.

    5c is a huge difference comparing top notch hardware where the difference can come down to 0.5c. (take the storm G5 for example).

    what i'm trying to say is that even if they are using the same mobo for all the hsfs tests, it can still make random mistakes that will throw off the data
  9. and uber-g

    there is no such thing as a compound "optimized" for a certain heatsink. thermal transfer capacity has nothing to do with what the heat is goign to
  10. ok how about ..

    it would cool a "little" better then if u had put A5


  11. you have testing for that? i doubt a cheap thermal pad will outperform as5
  12. 8O

    u know the Freezer Pro has a different thermal pad than most HSF would
    the Thermal pad or compound whatever on it , is the MX-1

    this stuff

    READ !

    Jesus Loves u
  13. that is not a review... that is a market scheme to promote their product -_-
  14. the review again uses motherboard sensors and asus is notorious for making shitty temp readings. also, you have to allow an amount of heat cycles on the as5 for it to perform at standard. so as5 actually performs better as time goes on

    at best you proven to me that the mx1 compound is decent and should be considered as an alternative
  15. do u read all the stuff they did , i mean cmon dood

    they dont use the motherboard sensor


    but mehhhhhhh y spend 6 bucks for something thats good enough
  16. oh my bad... i didn't see the probe, that adds a lot of legitamacy to the review

    then i guess mx1 isn't a bad heatsink compound at all, but just to be anal i would've liked to see that probe be attached to the core itself, not the ihs. there is actually a recognizable temperature difference between teh core and teh side of the ihs
  17. Quote:
    did u buy the plain model or the pro? and what is your cpu [just to get an ideea]

    I got the Artic cooling 64 pro my rig is

    Amd x2-3800
    Asus A8N5X mobo

    My case is a Chenbro gaming bomb 2 the exhaust of the fan on the cpu lines up with the exhaust fan on my case perfectly. i overclocked it once to 2.2 and temp stayed under 40c.
  18. Thanks for the links Uber G.
    Truly, this will save me $12, as I was going to spring for the hsf cleaner also.
    That's about enough to spring for a 512 mb x1800xt instead of the 256.
    I hope the Easter Bunny brings you something nice (if that's what you're into).
  19. we do have changing load temps when running constantly... lol

    either way, mobo sensors=devil
  20. no prob

    i read alot of reviews before i buy a product

    if u need something looked up'd i will happly help anyone with some product advise

    or ask other people


    jesus loves !!
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