screen shaking with f2105 monitor from HP in 3d fullscreen

Hello, I am having problems with my new lcd screen a hp f2105 when in 3d mode and fullscreen the screen shakes horizontally 2 mm. I have tried it on my desktop pc with this problem, an AMD 4800+ 2x ati 1900xt crossfire and an asus a8r motherboard with the dvi cable.The monitor however works well via vga with my sony vaio laptop which has a geforce card. Any ideas?
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  1. I'm having a similar problem with my 27" Dell U2711, rev. A00. The image shakes laterally a couple of millimeters, usually for less than a second. This may happen every 20 minutes. I usually notice it when reading in Firefox. It only happens at native resolution (2560x1440). I've tried it with DisplayPort and DVI cables using two different video cards and get the same result.
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