New Case - Opinions please.

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More about case opinions please
  1. Thermaltack is a reputable computer case manufacturer. Also I rather like the look of this specific case. Is this the Xaser III? I have heard great things about it.

    Great Airflow.
    Large space for expansion.
    Numerous bay drives.
    Possibility of side window.
    CPU temp monitor in front panel.
    SEVEN other case fans.
    Advanced pci slot fittings
    and most importantly the excellent build quality which Thermaltack always offers.
  2. but jonojace, it has no VHS!
  3. Changed my mind! Getting this one now:

    Thought it would future proof my pc as it has USB option.
  4. That case has no slot for cassette players :x
  5. That case is strictly 8-track.
  6. Quote:
    Changed my mind! Getting this one now:

    Thought it would future proof my pc as it has USB option.

    omg hell no

    CM Centurion 532

    CM Centurion 534

    or the thermaltake Tsunami
  7. Oh my god, you've got to be kidding me.

    Get the Centurion, linked earlier. Or a Thermaltake. Or pretty much anything but that white and blue POS.
  8. You should get this one
  9. Check out Lian Li..... they make some really GOOD cases.... not just flashy with lights and windows.
  10. Good point, I hadn't thought about Lian-Li. Those cases are simply wonderful to work on. Everything is modular/removable. Thumb-screws case-wide. And they're a case-modders dream.
  11. Quote:
    You should get this one
    holy sh!t dood , thats horrible !!!

    lMFAO !!
  12. also, Lian Li cases are not inexpensive but they are also not "Cheap". They are VERY well built cases. I have this one
    It have been a great case.

    2 Seagate 250gb raid 0
    2 Raptors Raid 0
    2 Sony DVD-RW
    2 7800GTX SLI (only reason I SLI'ed was cause the second card I paid
    for $100 USD)
    Sound Blaster X-Fi
    165 Opteron OC'ed to 2.7 Stable
    Asus A8N Sli Premium
    2GB Corsair DDR 500 (not sure what I have it running at right now, don't
    care to check)
    Antec 480 Neo (modular) :wink:
    SI-120 Heatsink

    I think that is about it..... there is a ton of room for anything I want to do in that case and the airflow is great..... Thick alluminum construction....

    OK... I am done
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