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evga 7800 GTX KO & Oblivion

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
April 14, 2006 6:42:25 AM

Does anyone else using this card, or these cards (SLI) have artifact issues? I noticed major artifacting when I first started playing the game and have since UNDERCLOCKED the cards to 477Mhz from the stock overclock of 490Mhz. I experienced some really bad crashing issues upon loads into new areas. Computer will lock up completely. Actually as I am writing this I am wondering if switching the two cards around (master - slave switch) might improve matters. Any thoughts on this matter from owners?


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April 14, 2006 7:31:20 AM

I haven't gotten the game....yet...

But I've read on hear that Nvidia put out new drivers because of it....

Have you got the most recent drivers?
April 14, 2006 7:49:15 AM

I'm using the 81.25 drivers right now...still waiting for the WHQL version to be released.
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April 14, 2006 8:03:48 AM

I'm using the 81.25 drivers right now...still waiting for the WHQL version to be released.

32 bit are at 84.21

the x64 are past you also....

Try new drivers
April 14, 2006 8:10:06 AM

doh sorry, I meant the 84.25
April 14, 2006 4:40:03 PM

Don't know for sure, but whenever I've had artifacting issues in the past is was heat related. How is the ventelation in the case, specifically close to the card(s)? You may want to check those kind of things.

Also does underclocking stop the problem? Or did you underclock and still have the issues?
April 14, 2006 5:17:36 PM

i did not have to underclock mine to play olbivion
i can play it overclocked as well at 513/1350 without artifacts
but my temps are low its about 65 with oblivion on max etc
a b Î Nvidia
April 15, 2006 6:06:27 PM

84.25 is the latest betas specifically meant for Oblivion, however even with those some people are experiencing terrible artifacts in the form or long lins shooting diagonally across the screen, if that's the case with you, you may need to wait for another update or official game patch.