BFG 7800 GTX reaches 100*celsius

Hello, I my BFG 7800gtx is getting hot, really hot. Like 5 months ago, i removed the stock heatsink and got rid of the memory chip pads and replaced it with arctic silver 5. My card was fairly cool up until like a few weeks ago. WHen I max out the card to its limits, it reaches 100* celsius in games. That is very bad, this I know. I'm thinking about getting the Arctic Cooling heat sink and fan for the card. What do you think I should do? The reason why i replaced the memory chip pads with as5 was becuase i removed the stock heat sink in order to put on an arctic cooling heat sink fan, but little did I know that the one i got was incompatible. When I went to put the stock heat sink fan back on, the pads were ripped up and in bad shape so i replaced them with as5.

it idles around 61 degrees too. I know thats pretty high for an idle. My computer case is pretty cool too with the proc at 30 and the PWMIC at 40.
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  1. Hey man, you need to rip that cooler back off and re-mount it, you might have used too much/too little AS5. Make sure the cooler is fitting squarely against the GPU core, tighten screws down oposite of eachother, not in circular rotation. You'll get it fixed.
  2. well if u leave it at 100*c u can cook yourself some food while playing games and the harder u play the faster it cooks. but seriously damn. did u say u were gonna try some aftermarket ram sinks
  3. yeah i could toss some water on that thing and make some mac n' cheese. I think I'm going to to go with arctic cooling, but in the mean time, I'm going to refit my stock hsf. I dunno why it was all cool for like 5 months, then like 3 weeks ago, just crap out temps. Weird... But yeah I don't want to melt anything so I have to take care of that shit asap.
  4. Well I reseated everything and applied the AS5 again. It definitley needed it seeing as the AS5 was flaky becuase it pretty much got burnt by the intense heat (or at least i think it did). It now idles at round 38*c and under heavy game play gets to about 73-75. I have it on manual over clock too. I think I'm going to get an Arctic cooling NV silencer or wahtever in the future, but for now, I just want to make sure my card isn't going to melt. Thanks for the help!
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