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Hey guys so i bought my acer machine a little before the time period of the whole " Free upgrade to windows 7 gimmick" and bought 4 new retail version of ultimate for my home computers. 3 of them i put together my self and windows 7 installed with no problems. however on my acer machine i have done a clean install reformatted the drive and installed win7 i get through the whole setup including the part where you name the computer put in the home group password then when it restarts the last time to boot into win7 it gets stuck at the "verifying DMI pool Data" and nothing happens after that.

Things i have tried that didnt fix the problem

1. Enable "Reset Configuration Data" in bios
2. disable internal and external cpu cache

im thinking that acer some how locked the bios to only run windows vista? is that possible?

Thanks for any input ahead of time
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  1. If you can do a system restore, try that and maybe run the upgrade option.
  2. Tried setting BIOS to default? checking the motherboard site for patch or info

    I've got a HP with Vista, I just made a 100GB partition on the HD and installed Win7 in new partition. Duel boot Vista/Win7 with everything working
  3. Computers cannot be locked to a specific operating system via hardware, unless of course, you are Apple and use PowerPC chips in your computers :).

    The fact that your system is seizing at the Verifying DMI Pool data part of bootup after installing 7 is merely a coincidence.
  4. It's probably not locked to any operating system. The issue is not related to the DMI message, just what is trying to happen after that. It's trying to boot but failing, if there was no boot information at all you would see something like "please insert system disk" or whatever the updated error messages are these days. If something is corrupted like the boot config says try the main partition and it's not there, then it will just freeze. Do you have any external devices that can act as storage plugged in, like an IPOD, external hard drive, usb thumb drive. If so remove them and reboot.
  5. But if i switch back to vista it works no problem... like a cloned the hard drive with acronis true image to a new 500 gig drive. unplugged the old one and the new one boots into vista nooooo problem but as soon as i install win7 bam wont go past verifying dmi pool
  6. Hhmm. As everyone else said, they shouldn't have it locked, as someone mentioned above, unplug any other devices you may have inserted, then reinstall. The other thing, if your laptop has 2 sticks of memory, try removing 1, see if you can reinstall 7 with 1 stick in and try to get it up and running, then if so, add the other stick back in.
  7. Many times I've installed windows to a certain partition only to have a USB drive take it's partition number during boot. It once occurred with an IPOD. Make sure all external devices are disconnected
  8. Alright i had my usb stick pluged in the whole time so that might of been the problem..... ill give that go once i can get this pathetic excuse for a computer to POST ....... reseting th bios didnt seem to do the trick.... anyways learned my lesson... want it right build it your self :P
  9. Trick for laptops. Remove the battery, unplug the power cord, hit the power button a few times, then replace the battery and plug into power and attempt to power it up. I've seen that bring seemingly dead laptop systems back to life.
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