Hiper Type R Blew Up On Me!!!

Ok, I just bought and built my system up. heres the specs -

AMD Athlon 64 Retail 3200+
MSI Nforce4 Board
XFX 7900GT
1GB Corsair Matched Ram (2x 512)
Western Digital 250GB SATA Hard Drive
Thermal Take Soprano Case

And This GOD Damn Hiper Type R PSU!!

As you can see, quite alot of money's worth of hardware so I thought, hhmmm better get a Good PSU

I then Plugged it into the Mains, flicked the power on switch on on the back of the Hiper Type R PSU and then "BANG!!!" Sparks and Flashes Come flying from the PSU Vents and then Smoke!!!!!!!

Iam SO annoyed and I hope to god that it hasnt killed anything :(

I haddent even turned the PC on, only flicked the PSU on

Anyone know what could have caused this?? I set Everything up correctly as everything only goes in one way...

Built many PC's up and never saw this before :(... Bought all the parts from Novatech so hopefully it shouldnt be a problem getting them replaced :( .
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  1. only saw something like this once. a buddy's puter was brought to a lan party with water cooling. one of the hoses worked its way slightly loose and dribbled a little water on the PSU. plugged it in not realizing, and BANG! only the PSU (Antec NeoPower) was damaged thank goodness...
    might have had a little water, metal shavings, or something conductive in there to short it out me thinks. or it might have even been junk from the factory...
  2. Never skimp on a quality PSU. You may get lucky and not much will happen but carefully check everything. I recently had a MB short out (don't know if the new CPU was bad or not) and it took out a lot of hardware. and I didn't even get a light/smell show for it. I lost: MB, CPU, Modem, DVD burner, X-Fi Fatality. I didn't discover the X-Fi or DVD until I reassembled the pc. All but the Modem were in warranty but I have to eat shipping. The joys of computers! :lol:
    BTW: Creatives tech support is not very good. I bought this card 12/2005, it carries a standard 1 year warranty but only 60 days of "free" tech support. They wanted to charge me $19.60 for support, they didn't get it. I finally got an RMA out of them though.
  3. was there any 110/220v setting you didnt select?
  4. This is exactly why I don't buy no-name brands.
  5. no, the back of the PSU says 195 - 240 VAC (Which Im guessing is Variable AC or something)

    Yup, thats why I went for a Quality PSU, Read lots of reviews on it and Hiper seemed the best to go for.

    Im guessing something was in their shorting it out and when I hit the power switch on the back, BANG... It was quite scary as my face was next to it when it happened as I was leaning over it feeling for the switch :(

    Most annoying thing is, its Bank Holiday and I cannot contact them :(

    Angry Duck, This is a NAMED brand ;)... Hiper Type R 480Watt PSU -



  6. i`ve seen a lot of cases like this.....i work at same hardware shop...
    the problem could have been caused by a screw or other metalic components...loose into the case of the psu.....

    well usualy the rest of the components are not affected except for special cases...
    i`m sure the other components are ok....
    i suggest you test them individualy just to make sure...
    good luck
  7. at least you didnt have to go to the hospital, but it sounds like it was a pretty close shave. My buddy had the same exact psu DETONATE on him. when he flipped the switch the thing went up and a piece of something flew out and lodged in his hand. he had to have 7 stiches.
  8. yea had 2 PSU's go on me and not one of them took the computer with them only one of them where there was smoke coming from it. the shop i got it from gave me lip cause i opened the case. there was smoke coming from it what was I supposed to do. oh well :wink:
  9. mine just didnt want to work sooo i got mad , and blew they crap out of it

  10. lol, ooo on jay leno one day someone was selling a laptop that was shot-gunned on ebay for like 50 bucks
  11. lol , fockin ebay
  12. A mate of mine has built a couple with Hipers. It seems, either they're rock solid forever, or they let go within a week or two.

    I'm running one now too, it's stable, quiet & didn't require a second mortgage. Looks like the same model you had.
  13. I have a Hiper Type-R 580W PSU... and nothing's happened with it. Sounds like a case of real bad luck 8O . An awesome PSU going BOOM! Something of a spectacle though....

    Could have been something left over from production could have gotten into the PSU and short-it out when you flicked the PSU on. I don't know.... shit happens sometimes...
  14. a bit just fell out of it when I was putting it into its box.. look like a capacitor blew or was damaged at the factory. pic of the damage and part -

  15. sucks to be you. i hope you get your money back for the potentially fried components.
  16. Well, Hiper does give a 3 year warranty on their PSUs so you are pretty much safe in terms of returning the product. Its quite unfortunate such a thing happen, but like I said, shit happens to the best of us...
  17. you`ll get it replaced not to worry.......did you checked the other components?
    .......there is a big chance none of your components are damaged ....... except for the flaming psu of course

    good luck
  18. yea, everythings fine thank god :D

    getting a refund on the hiper :)
  19. good luck my friend
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